About Us

All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveller is unaware


brings you – an opportunity to discover new places, and your soul’s purpose. A synergy of travel and spiritual discovery, it’s the perfect getaway to uncover the historical, spiritual and cultural importance of a place; and along the way, look into the secret corners of your soul to find out what makes you human. What sets you apart. What can liberate you.And what can elevate you.

Defining Discovery

With Parikrama, you’re not a tourist. You’re a traveller.Because a tourist merely sees things, while a traveller experiences. Building an experience that takes you beyond checklists, selfie sticks and tourist traps is what it’s all about. A Parikrama tour is open to everyone – from students to senior citizens – to explore and experience places of spiritual, historical and cultural significance in India and across the world. From famous locations to lesser known gems, each tour will take you through a rich canvas of experience and information.Whether it’s a pilgrimage tour that retraces a traditional yatra or a historical tour that takes you back in time,you will be introduced to new cultures, ideas and ideals that shaped and continue to shape society and the self.

This is an invitation to look up from your smartphone screens and look at the art, history, architecture and cultural vibrancy that not only educates, but elevates your sense of the world. There will be no hurry to complete, finish or summate; only the desire to seek,explore, and learn.