Brand Vision

Parikrama aims in providing a hassle free, positive and blissful travel experience. One can travel to explore the spiritual and cultural significance of many important places through Parikrama yatras. Parikrama  will motivate to develop communities of likeminded individuals, families, groups and societies and help them in satisfying their quest for travel, exploration and a meaningful life.

Parikrama will offer an authentic, immersive experience of the historical, cultural and spiritual sites in India and around the world.

Parikrama’s objective is to work with National and International governments, agencies and contribute to their goals. It is looking forward to contribute to the enhancement and appreciation of important sites and bring about socio-economic development. Parikrama intend to identify and revive places of historical and spiritual significance through travel and pilgrimages.

Parikrama is keen in promoting cultural exchange and universal brotherhood through travel. It will provide a systematic educational experience specifically to students and generally to people at large for understanding world cultures, their common ideals and value systems. It will also provide accurate accounts concerning the historical facts and occurrences surrounding important places of visit and pilgrimage. Parikrama will devote in understanding the influence of places and personalities connected to them and impart this knowledge to travellers. Parikrama will facilitate the growth of spiritual dimension in every individual through pilgrimages bringing about a personal and collective transformation.