Braj Mandal Parikrama in Kartik Month


A trip to explore the beautiful Braj the birthplace of Lord Krishna and the holy circuit of Braj that consists of the cities of Mathura and Vrindavan

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Braj Mandal Parikrama yatra provides one with a trip for experiencing the transcendental abode of Lord Krishna.

This yatra is to pay homage to the holy dham by circumambulating the twelve sacred forests of Vrindavan just as Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu did five hundred years ago.

Braj Bhumi invites you to experience a transcendental bliss of some of the significant locations in this yatra.

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Braj Mandal

Braj is a city of cultural, spiritual significance and Lord Krishna's birthplace. The city is located about 115km from Delhi and lies in the golden triangle region of Agra-Jaipur-Delhi. This area is spread across the central region of Ganga and Yamuna rivers.

The Kusum Sarovar is one of the prime attractions in Braj and a historical monument that you must visit during the tour.

Braj is divided into two units, the Eastern side of the Yamuna encompassing places like Gokul, Mahavan, Baldeo, Mat and Bajna, while the Western side region of the river spanning the Mathura region along with Vrindavan, Govardhan, Kusum Sarovar, Nandgaon and Barsana.

Brajbhoomi allures thousands of pilgrims every year during the endless festivities in the region like Krishna ‘Janmashtami’ and ‘Braj ki Holi’ .Apart from this, Rasalila and  Charkula dance depicting the loving harmony of the divine couple Radha-Krishna is an integral tradition of Braj.

The culturally vibrant region of Braj is adorned with hundreds of forests, thousands of holy kunds and sacred hills along the bank of the river Yamuna. There are more than 650 villages in the region which are associated with several lilas of Lord Krishna. The best time to have Darshan of Braj-Mandal is in the month of Karthik (October and November) in autumn.


Kartik month is the best and the most glories of all months. Kartik month is particularly dear to Lord Sri Krishna. The effect of performing a Karthik Vrata lasts for one-hundred lifetimes, Karthik month festival is more of offering lamps to Lord Krishna glorifies Lord Krishna's past time of being bound with ropes by Mother Yashoda.

Karthik month the holiest month in the Hindu lunar calendar and the eighth month in a traditional Hindi calendar followed in North India, Karva Chauth and Diwali are the other festivals celebrated in this month.

During the Karthik month, the devotees get an opportunity to discard all evil deeds and adopt a pure way of life. The devotees observing the fasts in this month should follow specific rules and need to bath in Ganga River early in the morning and perform prayers at home.


Vrindavan is a destination that is just an hour's drive from Agra, on the banks of the sacred Yamuna and the divine playground of Lord Krishna. It is the most famous destination among the twelve sacred forests of Braj. This sacred land is dotted with magnificent temples, dedicated to various aspects of Lord Krishna’s life. As we walk into Vrindavan’s alleys, you can get to experience the   traces of Sri Krishna's forms, past times and teachings.

The Prem Mandir Temple is an important landmark in Vrindavan and you can get to see a lot of  people visiting  this temple during the Holi festival.

Vrindavan is also famous for its temples with about 4,000 temples. Some of the main temples are Balaram Mandir, Govind Dev Temple, Rangaji temple, Bankey Bihari temple, Radha Ballabh temple, Madan Mohan temple, Pagal Baba temple and the Nidhi Van temple


The city of Mathura is situated along the banks of the holy River Yamuna, mesmerising music, beautiful art, temples and devotional chants. It is a very famous place for pilgrimage.

Mathura is known as the "Brajbhoomi" that attracts many tourists and pilgrims throughout the year. At every nook and corner of the city, you can feel the flute being played by Lord Krishna in his youth. Mathura has many legendary and historical stories attached to it, which makes the place all the more special. The main pilgrim centre is the Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi temple.


Nandagaon is an area  situated 16miles North West of Govardhan,8 miles South of Kosi and 28 miles West of Vrindavan, also includes  56 ponds related to Lord Krishna's various pastimes.


Barsana is a place located about 50 km to the North-West of Mathura and 19 km towards the North-West direction of Govardhan. It is an area that has lakes, ponds, gardens and forests such as Gahvarana, Sankara-khor. Barsana is also famous for its Holi celebrations called Lathmaar Holi is celebrated between the residents of Nandgaon and Barsana.


Govardhan Hill is located 25 km West of Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh, 208km from Delhi. It is one of the well-known religious places of Mathura. The slopes of the mountain are also known as the past time place of Lord Krishna during his childhood.


Radha Kunda and Shyama Kunda are two sacred rivers located about 24 kilometres from Vrindavan.These two rivers are the holiest places and the bathing places of both Sri Radha and Krishna.Radha Kund is a pilgrimage town that attracts many devotees across the world.


Kamyavan is a forest among the twelve forests of Brajmandal.The forest has 84 sacred ponds and 84 pillars. The most beautiful and attractive forest that is adorned for wells, lakes, flowers and creepers. Vrinda Devi is the deity of Kamyavan.


Bhandiravan is the place situated two miles of Nanda Ghat and across the banks of River Yamuna. One of the places where Lord Krishna and Lord Balarama used to go for grazing the cows.


Raval is a destination known for its spiritual sanctity due to its association with the divine goddess Sri Radharani.It is also famous for the temple dedicated to Lord Krishna and Radha by the name of Larily lal.


This Kund is located on the outskirts of Nandgaon and is believed to be the abode of Goddess Vrinda Devi who is also known as Tulsi.


Govind  Kund or lake is located about 400 meters away from the border of Aniyora village. It is a large rectangular water tank at the foot of the Govardhan hill  and a part of Krishna’s pastimes.


Madan Mohan temple is located close to the Kaliya Ghat and the oldest of all Goswami temples in Vrindavan, exhibiting a magnificent work of architecture as the reminiscent of Mughal era. The central temple tower houses the idols of Radha and Krishna.


Vimal Kund is a place where Krishna and Balram enjoyed the pastimes of water sports along with their friends during their stay at Kamyavan.  It is believed that with the blessings of Lord Krishna bathing once in that Kund is far more pious than bathing seven times in Pushkara Lake. There are many small shrines surrounding this Kund.


Adi Badri Temple is located close to KarnaPrayag, the main temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and also part of the famous Panch Badri pilgrimage circuit. The Adi Badri temple displays a raised platform in the pyramidal form and an idol that is installed inside.


Vyomasura Gupta is a cave located on the Kalavata village that has the footprints and handprints of Lord Krishna.


Akrur Ghat is a little hill with a temple that is close to the river Yamuna you can get to see Vrindavan from a distance, chant mantras and dance. This Ghat is situated four miles North of Mathura and one mile South of Vrindavan.


Ramghat is a pilgrimage destination of Chitrakoot located on the banks of River Mandakini. A destination that is into a lot of religious activities and generally you get to see a large number of devotees offering their prayers in this holy site